Womyn"s Summit

This summit consist of a Collective of Womyn that have decided to come together to create space for

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The summit will consist of workshops on how to be an ally, emotional intelligence, empowerment, social change, spirituality, radical self-love and leadership. We will create space that will include conversation with Trauma Therapist and Mental Health Service Providers to discuss incidence of trauma informed care and toxic masculinity among same gender loving persons. Of the strongest message that you will walk away with is that by showing up and sharing space we will continue to rise and sustain holistic healing in our community.  ​


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 With nearly all presenters being queer women of color and a number of gender-queer and transgender women presenters, the conference will sustain an even broader scope- inclusivity and representation-not only for Womyn, but people from a multitude of backgrounds 

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Email us for further details: Queerwocconference20@gmail.com