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Sisters Of Harrett


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 The facts about LGBTQ partner abuse/domestic violence are often hidden by numerous myths and misconceptions. Common myths and misconceptions include the belief that women are not violent, that men are not commonly victims, that LGBTQ domestic violence is mutual, and that there are no significant differences between heterosexual domestic violence and same-gender domestic violence. However, people who are lesbian, gay and bisexual have an equal or higher prevalence of experiencing intimate partner violence, sexual violence and stalking as compared to heterosexuals. 

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Our Program


 Sisters of Harrett is a 24-Domestic Violence Drop in Center. We work in community for those LGBTQIAP + to create a safe space that is in community lead by community members. This program functions in an effort to create a world without Domestic Violence and sexual assault. We work directly with our sister organizations and the Domestic Violence Hotline.  On Site we provide, what we named our Purple Table discussion, educational trainings, bystander intervention, healthy relationships, enthusiastic consent, and dismantling rape culture. 

Our Monthly Purple Round Table


Educational workshops and facilitated dialogues to help participants explore power, privilege, oppression, micro-agressions, and ways to work for positive change.