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Community Activist

Viiolent Relations begtween LGBTQ+ folks are real and valid. We believe you We Know that even if you dont fit the sterotype image of a domestic violence relationship. that yours counts too. 

It happens to Us Too

61% of bisexual Women will experience Intimate Partner Violence, 2 in 5 lesbians will experience domestic violence in their lifetime, 50-75% of Transgender individuals will experience sexual violence in their lifetime. 

Display real testimonies.

As a survivor of trauma in seeking, being black and lesbian I find that I have limited resources that are specific for my immediate needs when facing issues of intimate partner violence. Often needing mental health therapy has beencostly and almost impossible to obtain. In creating space to address gender justice issues I often find that not many folks have space that is avaiable and culturally capable of addressing my needs. I find that we need a space of our own to discuss and unpack issues that impact marginalized groups specifically. 

Media Advocacy

We have and continue to use social media as a global connector to support our community members to feel that we are not in this situation alone. 

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